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US-6395893-B1: Crystallization of lactitol, crystalline lactitol product and use thereof patent, US-4259187-A: Intravenous fluid filter patent, US-4956288-A: Method for producing cells containing stably integrated foreign DNA at a high copy number, the cells produced by this method, and the use of these cells to produce the polypeptides coded for by the foreign DNA patent, US-5833784-A: Method of fabricating canister with porous plastic ends patent, US-5864667-A: Method for safe communications patent, US-4510495-A: Remote passive identification system patent, US-5658369-A: Recovery of substances from exhaust streams patent, US-5839103-A: Speaker verification system using decision fusion logic patent, US-5137410-A: Material supply apparatus for transferring powdery, granular and conglomerated materials patent, US-6185512-B1: Method and system for enhancing the accuracy of measurements of a physical quantity patent, US-4734144-A: Banded-tire building method patent, US-5000267-A: Reversible plow patent, US-6065409-A: Method of hot scrubbing flue gases, in particular for an incineration plant for household refuse patent, US-6359127-B1: MCH2, an apoptotic cysteine protease, and compositions for making and methods of using the same patent, US-4726990-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, US-5340238-A: Method and apparatus for testing above ground liquid storage tanks for leaks patent, US-6076485-A: Pet carrier patent, US-6120806-A: Oral formulations for controlled release of alcohol deterrents patent, US-6498346-B1: Large dynamic range focal plane array patent, US-6528894-B1: Use of nitrides for flip-chip encapsulation patent, US-5247991-A: Heat exchanger unit for heat recovery steam generator patent, US-5251790-A: Mobile bar for dispensing cold beverages patent, US-5584577-A: Seal for a food blender patent, US-5728332-A: Method of making a multi-level, expanded resinous product patent, US-6350493-B1: Method of dispersing fibers in electromagnetic-attenuating coating materials patent, US-5407563-A: Screening panels patent, US-5686267-A: Nucleic acid molecule encoding antigen associated with lyme disease patent, US-6222454-B1: Non-contacting temperature sensing device patent, US-6397717-B1: Cut line indicator for power cutting material patent, US-5146365-A: Screen and image display apparatus which minimizes the effects of re-reflected incident light patent, US-6651614-B2: Method of operating a diesel internal combustion engine patent, US-6743568-B2: Cyanine dyes patent, US-5627035-A: Peptides that block human immunodeficiency virus and methods of use thereof patent, US-5887132-A: Network hub interconnection circuitry patent, US-5963947-A: Technique of dynamically adding functionality from a client to manipulated data at a server patent, US-5653293-A: Portable wire puller patent, US-6162392-A: Method and apparatus for super critical treatment of liquids patent, US-6754999-B1: Building construction system patent, US-6210764-B1: Film with substrate layer containing antiblocking agent patent, US-5614149-A: Stainless steels for coins and method of producing coins of stainless steel patent, US-5356372-A: Occlusive pressure-reducing wound dressing patent, US-6346159-B1: Vehicle wheel construction process patent, US-6461616-B1: EIAV p26 deletion vaccine and diagnostic patent, US-6569896-B2: Selective androgen receptor modulators and methods of use thereof patent, US-6251955-B1: Methods for identifying inhibitors of fungal pathogenicity patent, US-5807810-A: Functional fluids and liquid cleaning compositions and suspending media patent, US-6477494-B2: Unified messaging system with voice messaging and text messaging using text-to-speech conversion patent, US-5917225-A: Insulated gate field effect transistor having specific dielectric structures patent, US-5593877-A: Nucleic acid and recombinant production of vespid venom hyaluronidase patent, US-5678298-A: Method of making composite castings using reinforcement insert cladding patent, US-6679978-B2: Method of making self-cleaning substrates patent, US-5706247-A: Self-enabling pulse-trapping circuit patent, US-6337030-B1: Wafer processing apparatus, wafer processing method, and SOI wafer fabrication method patent, US-6377787-B1: Method for categorization of multiple providers in a wireless communications service environment patent, US-6140058-A: Activation of p53 protein patent, US-6093455-A: Method and compositions for decorating glass patent, US-5288765-A: Expanded articles of biodegradable plastics materials and a method for their production patent, US-6737514-B1: Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer patent, US-6348573-B1: Compositions and methods for identifying apoptosis signaling pathway inhibitors and activators patent, US-6464866-B2: Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method patent, US-411995-A: Fence patent, US-432794-A: Rock-drill patent, US-2008284453-A1: Ic test vector generator for synchronized physical probing patent, US-4391705-B1: patent, US-473133-A: Electro-therapeutic heating-pad patent, US-488349-A: Truss for mining-machines patent, US-5553262-B1: Memory apparatus and method capable of setting attribute of information to be cached patent, US-557102-A: Still patent, US-596157-A: hargreaves patent, US-625436-A: Baling-press patent, US-629861-A: Method of fireproofing wood. patent, US-4272354-A: Electrodes for electrolytic processes patent, US-4046881-A: Fungicidally active antibiotic from streptomyces tendae Ettlinger et al. Tu 901 patent, US-4357414-A: Laminate useful for the production of printing plates and relief plates patent, US-4577211-A: Integrated circuit and method for biasing an epitaxial layer patent, US-4696830-A: Process for preparation of water-proof sheets patent, US-5391470-A: Silver halide photographic material patent, US-5536155-A: Preservative of cut flowers patent, US-5892405-A: PLL synthesizer apparatus patent, US-6278569-B1: Signal recording apparatus and method patent, US-6376341-B1: Optimization of thermal cycle for the formation of pocket implants patent, US-6667841-B2: Apparatus for recording and regenerating data patent, US-6818759-B2: 2′-O-alkylthioalkyl and 2′-C-alkylthioalkyl-containing nucleic acids patent, US-4108933-A: Method of manufacturing steam-cured porous concrete products patent, US-4124308-A: Sequential co-injection unit adapted for structural foam molding patent, US-4233165-A: Well treatment with emulsion dispersions patent, US-4303742-A: Resistance material patent, US-4566961-A: Electric arc conversion process patent, US-4832979-A: Process for preparing laser knife patent, US-5132950-A: Optical head having a prism for splitting a beam of light into two polarized light beams patent, US-5251221-A: Self aligning intracavity Raman laser patent, US-5395806-A: Dense, granular alkaline earth metal carbonate and alkali metal salt composition for use in glass manufacture patent, US-5929900-A: Signal processor circuit for endoscope systems of all-pixels readout type patent, US-6569852-B1: Coatings and soaks for medical prosthetic devices comprising taurinamide derivatives and carboxylic acids and/or salts thereof patent, US-6669748-B2: Dispersion liquid of silica particles for polishing, method of producing the same, and polishing agent patent, US-4284827-A: Process to prepare metalated olefins patent, US-4478400-A: Envelope feeder for a duplicating press patent, US-4594923-A: Controller for cutting sheet material patent, US-4637872-A: Gravel washer separator patent, US-4655627-A: Brush with self-sealing reservoir having a convertible actuator patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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